Will support netting benefit you?

Support netting for vegetables – most popular in the horticultural field

support net installed for long beans support
With the support netting you avoid the prescences of the pathogens and other posible diseases.

Support netting for vegetables is becoming popular in the horticultural field. The support netting helps to balance the plantation density. The crops are protected from external pathogens giving the plant the ability to get access to the growth elements it needs to survive such as nutrients and solar exposure. Horticulturists can confidently wait for the veggies to grow at a faster rate and be ready to harvest early. Enjoy the fresh crisp taste of your own vegetable and be happy to know they are fresh straight from the plant to our very own plates.

Not only will you enjoy the ease of gardening with the support netting but also knowing you are reducing those greenhouse gases which is a significant contribution to the environment. We all know vegetables grow healthier when damage from insects and strong weather conditions is limited.

What is the correct position for my plants?

crop using support method
Using the suppport net you can guide the growth of your crops.

If you’re growing climbing vegetable such as peas and beans it suits better to set up the netting in a vertical position, allowing plants to spread out and get access to maximum sunshine and fresh air. It will also avoid the climbing plants getting all tangled around each other, which can strangle separate plants causing limited produce. Ground plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and squash will grow vertically but will use all the ground area and spread like crazy.
Creating an a-frame type shape and having it diagonal to the ground will allow air and light exposure to get to each plant while the a-frame assembly will give support for the extra added weight of the heavier vegetables.

Does it suit all weather conditions?

It certainly does. It seems Nature is not supportive with what weather suits what plants. It tends to have a mind of its own by throwing all sorts of weather at us. Too cold causing frosts or too hot causing dry, dehydrated soil or too much humidity the list goes on. Plants then struggle through all these conditions not to mention the damage to the leaves and buds caused by insects.

Hail netting is a must for hail prone areas. Hail storms can last sometimes only a few minutes but can wreak havoc to vegetables and destroy the plants. Hail netting is necessary to protect against these harsh conditions.

frost fabric installed for crops protection
The hail netting is an ideal for protection against the hail attack and control of the growth of the plants.

Support netting for vegetables is lightweight, very strong and offers frost protection for the winter months while also offering lasting protection from insects that will destroy your crops. Many horticulturists use support netting in and outside of greenhouses it’s suitable for just about anywhere. You can mount the netting to poles or fences or from your roof to the ground for plants to climb up, the possibilities are endless.

How does it help the plants?

Support netting for vegetables helps in many ways providing the perfect provision to the vegetables. This will allow the plant to grow and expand over the netting surface which gives the foliage full access to express itself completely. The great advantage of using the support netting for vegetables gives us reason to leave the plants alone so it can grow vigorously and in its natural state, unaffected by us in any way. The plant branches start to lean as they mature which are then supported by the mesh without the mechanical strain, giving the plant the ability to grow at a proper position. With the mesh supporting the weight there is no choking the plant by the added weight of the vegetables therefore plants are able to reach their maximum development.

support net installed for trellis system in cropfield
The support netting helps to your crops to have a healthy growth.

There are many reasons to use the support netting here are just to mention a few:

  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Suitable for young seedlings
  • Creates a microclimate, reducing watering saving you money
  • Allows sunlight rain and fresh air to plants which is needed for growth
  • Protection and support from strong windy conditions
  • Helps to resist tears and breaks within the plants from the added weight of the vegetables
  • Perfect for the extreme weather conditions as the hail netting will provide vast protection
  • Can be used to aid complete seed germination
  • Light and very easy to handle
  • Slows the water evaporation assisting the healthiness of the soil.

Using a hose or sprinkler?

For the hands on gardeners watering the plants becomes easy with no extra work as the water goes straight through the netting easily and gently so watering by hand or via a sprinkler system is both well-suited. By using some support netting for vegetables you can increase their aeration. The mesh netting decreases humidity which will also decrease humidity linked fungi and diseases that can infect your plant and stop the plant from reaching it potential or killing it off all together. Using the mesh netting support system, the plantation density increases which betters the flowering development and pollination rate.

vertical support system applied on plants in cropfield
The support netting method produces a better development and quality of the plant.

SCROG Netting

SCROG netting is an option which consists of using a plastic net to guide plants to achieve the perfect state of growth. By using the SCROG netting method you are helping the plants by training them to reach the ideal light exposure, which is most beneficial. This is perfect for growers that have limited space available but have a large number of plants to harvest.

crops using mallajuana for apply the SCROG method
Applying the SCROG method your crops gets a fast growth caring the quality of the plant.

Who can help with questions you may have?

Hortomallas have you sorted for all your reusable support netting for all needs and purposes with a huge range of netting that you can avail in different sizes and types to suit your needs. In no time you’ll be producing perfect, yummy vegetables all year round in this protected environment with the support netting for vegetables. You’ll be the envy of your family and friends producing quality vegetables for the perfect hearty recipes. Think of the support netting for vegetables as your little way of giving Mother Nature a helping hand.

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